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COSHH regulations places a duty on employers to ensure risks to health are managed within the workplace

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The LEV Man

Working to keep you, your visitors and your employees - SAFE!

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What we provide to our clients

Our clients need to ensure the environment where they and their staff work are safe and that they comply with Health and Safety Regulations. We do this by identifying where actions can be taken or improvements can be made and by testing systems that have been installed.

Our Services

Thorough Examination and Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems (LEV’s) – We offer an independent testing and examination service of all Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems. This is completed in compliance with COSHH Regulations to ensure you and your staff are kept safe from breathing in harmful substances within the workplace. By law, this must be completed at least once in every 14-month period. We do not supply, install or maintain LEV systems. We keep ourselves as independent examiners to ensure maintainers are completing their tasks correctly.

We complete Noise at Work Assessments in compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. These must be completed every 2 years unless you make significant changes to equipment or working processes.

Why should you use The LEV Man?

  • For peace of mind that you are complying with your legal obligations.
  • We are qualified to industry recognised standards.
  • You’re engaging with someone totally independent as we do not install or maintain extraction systems.
  • We do not try to sell you additional equipment.
  • We give you the facts and advise of any actions required by you.
  • We believe in the health of all personnel.
  • Every client is important to us and you are treated as such.

Smoke Clearance Testing

This is a test conducted on an enclosed spray booth. We measure the time it takes for the spray booth extraction system to clear the smoke we generate within the booth and provide certification that must be placed on the access points of the booth. As with the LEV examination, this also must be completed at least once in every 14-month period.

Air Quality Testing

COSHH regulations places a duty on employers to ensure risks to health are managed within the workplace. They conduct this by undertaking risk assessments. These are required within the workplace to ensure all personnel are kept safe.

Noise Risk Assessments

Noise has always been a concern for people within the workplace, but it’s only relatively recent that more and more issues are being recognised as causing long term hearing loss and the effect this has on our wellbeing. Noise Risk Assessments should be completed by employers to ensure staff are kept safe from hearing loss.

Portable Appliance Testing

We need to ensure all electrical products are kept in a good and serviceable condition. Testing of equipment is essential in this regard.

About Us

At the LEV Man we pride ourselves on being a family business built on the values that are important to families and that when you ask people, is almost always health. We want our families to work in healthy environments and so we take our work very seriously.

Our Story

After many years of working within the Facilities Management profession, Simon Huggett wanted to embark on a business that would keep him employed but more importantly, to enable him to offer a service that would help to keep people healthy. The testing of systems designed to keep people safe from breathing in harmful substances within the workplace gave Simon the ideal opportunity to meet his goals. Out of this The LEV Man came to fruition in 2016.

The company name came about after Simon visited a manufacturing company in Braintree. He believed people didn’t really understand the term L.E.V. so he announced to the receptionist that he was there to test the dust and fume extraction systems. The receptionist asked him to wait while she contacted the factory manager. “Hello John, The LEV Man is here.” Simon went back to the office and after a few checks, registered the company name and website. From this point, we have been completing the LEV examinations and also enhanced our service provision to clients.

Meet our team


Simon is the LEV Man. He is determined to help businesses make their working environments as safe as possible.


Chris is our examining engineer and qualified BOHS P601 to examine and test LEV systems. He also completes Portable Appliance Testing.


Finance director and office manager. Annie is known for her impeccable book-keeping.


Shona looks after the sales and marketing for the LEV Man and will often be the person on the end of the phone.

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